Mekong Auto participate in Saigon Auto-tech 2010

From 2 to 6 Jun 2010, Mekong Auto will participate in Saigon Auto-tech 2010 in Tan Binh Exhibition Center, 446 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh DIst, HCMC. This is the performance show of many model from well-known brand-name as Infinity, Lexus, FIAT 500, Subaru... 

From 02-06/ 06/ 2010, in TBECC , 446 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh district, HCM City, there will be an exhibition “Saigon Auto Tech 2010”. In this exhibition, visitor will see the well known and luxury car as Bentley, Infinity, Lexus, Fiat 500, Subaru … and the pavilions come from countries and other territories like USA, German, China, Taiwan, Thailand..
To visit the Saigon Auto Tech 2010, at Mekong Auto booth, visitor will contemplate the well-known Fiat 500 car with high technology, design and safety assessed 5 stars. And we have a test driving for visitor who loves Fiat 500.
Besides Fiat car, we also show to visitor the PMC vehicles with strong designs, reliable and the properly price offers to visitor who want to buy a vehicles in this exhibition. A Pronto test driving program also offers to visitor this time.

Mekong Auto, through this exhibition, hopes that visitor will experience their pleasure & likes when they visitor Mekong Auto Booth.

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