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PASO 990

PASO 990

In the context of that Vietnam economy is on the way of developing, Vietnamese society and demand is increasing day by day. And in order to answer the demand of the diversiform transportation services in urban areas, Mekong Auto has studied and introduced to the market a new mini-truck product. It’s PASO 990.

The name PASO show full of desire of Mekong Auto Corp to reserve customer a preeminent product Powerful, Active, Safety, and an Opportunity for customer to get rich.

For a truck, the most concerned by customers are its transport capacity, using expenses, price and service network. Our PASO 990 is designed to meet these requirements.

With the motto of constantly developing and desire to bring to customer many superior products, meet the higher and higher demand of consumer, Mekong Auto launched new model - Paso 990S - to the market in July 2011.

Paso 990S has more power engine and output is stronger than 30%, with more quality colors (Metallic color). Paso 990S is the best choice of customer.

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