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PMC Premio DX

PMC Premio DX PMC Premio II 4 x 4

            From 3- 7 Sept, 2004 in Motorshow 2004 at Hoang Van Thu Natinoal Exhibition Center, in the first time, Mekong Auto presented Pick up Premio, which became one of commercial icons of the commercial vehicles ranges that Mekong Auto would introduce in the Automobile industry. After that Mekong Auto goes on presenting new versions of Premio family. The new Premio DX II is a renewal model of Premio family.
The model -diesel engine instead of gasoline - confirms the diversify of Mekong Auto in presenting Pick up Premio to the commercial vehicle market
            Premio DX II is ecomony solution for the customer who wishes to have a vehilce in business for day-to-day use, but also wishes to drive a vehicle as car.

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